Table confetti

cropped-img_5251.jpgIf your other half is anything like mine bringing up this subject will cause confusion. Therefore, when breaching this subject, you have two choices. Firstly, don’t tell them, or start the conversation by explaining that this does not mean that you are considering having the guests throw tables at you as you leave the ceremony.
In an ideal world I would have loved sequin table cloths at the wedding breakfast, what could be better than having your guests sit in a room that looked as though millions of miniature unicorns had pooped all over the tables. However, alas, this was not meant to be but despite my dismay at plain white table cloths we were able to add a touch of our personalities without too much difficulty. Firstly, I loved the idea of dried flowers, cue a visit to where I was able to purchase 300g of pink rose buds (as well as my petal throwing confetti). When I got these home I separated them into 8 bags (one for each table). These really fitted our venue, which celebrates bringing the outside inside, (I want to say boho, whimsical theme but I feel I have lost any sense of what that means in the instagram planning process as everything is #bohobride) but I needed some glitter. I purchased a 1 inch star punch from hobbycraft (currently half price at £1.50!) and gold glitter card and spent every free waking hour punching stars, I’m still finding them everywhere, work, home, the dogs bed etc. I had 200 of these per table all separated in bags with the rose buds. These paired perfectly with the log slices and wild trailing plants we had as centrepieces. It was worth the bruised palm after all- I mean this as a warning, you will get a swollen palm and people will look at you funny as you are forced to use your fingers, like pincers, to pick up your sandwiches! If you are not a fan of spending your free time punching stars I have bucket loads in all colours ready punched, a few are available on my eBay shop but pop me an email!
If you are still unsure how you wish to decorate your table I have created a little moodboard of my favourite looks on Pinterest (search yourcraftybridetribe). If you have a theme and you need further ideas send me a message and I’m more than happy to help come up with ideas for you 🙂 . Until then, happy moodboarding 🙂 xxIMG_6514.JPG

Author: Your Crafty Bride Tribe

If you love weddings and crafts than you are in the right place. This is a site for unique wedding inspiration and ideas you can craft yourself to add a personal touch to THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE. I spent two years planning my wedding, partly due to a little glitch when the first venue cancelled on us, a happy occurrence that proved, at times, fate is well and truly on your side. These two years were spent with ideas constantly flying around my busy brain and multiple wedding crafts that resulted in a day that was not only the happiest of my life but a day where I felt intense pride in my creation. It was a Harry Potter festival, two of my favourite things, filled with colour, glitter and sequins. Enjoy the posts, I look forward to hearing from you and don't forget you can find me on Instagram xxx

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